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Soul Forest

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Soul Forest - Page 4 Empty Re: Soul Forest

Post by SelenaNova on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:23 pm

In half an hour Venus was long gone from the spot the originally met. She probably would have been wider to leave him there and be on her way, what compelled her to want to care for the boy was beyond her.. But she did. In half an hour Venus was in the depths of the forest and has already hunted down another meal. She was on the trail of something, she didn't care what just that it had a soul and she was hungry..In that half hour.. Konda was able to sleep off the effects of what she did to him.

Venus finds who she was looking for, a young plain man who has been picking flowers for some reason. And in his hand were some rare flowers that have been underprotection for longer than the man has been alive. She steps out of the vegetation around her and up to him. "That wasn't wise of you.." She warns him. Then in a flash of green two of her vines gently unravel from around Konda, and sink into the earth to spout out under the defeanceless man and grab his wrists. The flowers he had been holding fall to the ground as he drops them in surprise. She grins at her new prey and pulls one of the twin sai's that have been strapped to her thighs.

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